Durex Condoms And Lubricants

When we think about Condoms, many of us think about DurexCondoms. Durex is maybe the hottest trademarked name for Condoms and millions of people all around the world have heard of them and are using them continually. One thing is for sure, Durex are the best and the most popular kind of Condoms in the United Kingdom.

Durex Condoms are made in 17 factories worldwide and the productions reaches 1 billion units every year, which represents about one quarter of the whole Condom market. The name Durex comes from ‘durability, trustworthiness, and excellence’ and it was trademarked by the London Condom Company as way back as 1929. Today, Durex Condoms are made in 12 sorts of latex and one of polyurethane, which is basically the first male frenchie made from this material. These Durex Condoms, made from polyurethane are particularly preferred by people who have allergic responses to latex.

The styles of Durex Condoms now include : Durex Intense Sensation, with raised studs that give both partners extraordinary pleasure ;

  • Durex High Sensation, whose ribbed texture gives additional kick
  • Durex Performax, with a desensitizing lubricator that delays climax in males
  • Durex Maximum Love, a reasonably new release, offering a natural experience because of the silky smooth lubricator and thinness
  • Durex Additional Delicate , rubbers with exceptional sensitiveness due to their super thinness
  • Durex Chocolate Fervour , scented and coloured for a novel sensation
  • Durex Colours & Smells , which come in banana, orange, mint and strawberry smells, and a matching color for each
  • Durex Rainbow colours, excellent for variety, as they come in so many colours
    Durex Natural Feeling, either with additional smooth lubricator or with no lubricator at all, to give a natural feeling
  • Durex Augmented Pleasure, also lubricated, but with a special contoured shape, which gives additional sensation
  • Durex Additional Strength, made from premium latex, providing a sturdy and powerful condom
  • Durex Her Sensation, designed with the lady’s pleasure to mind, having specifically positioned ribs
  • Durex Warming Pleasure, with a warming lubricant
  • Durex Pleasuremax, maximizing sensations for both partners, with raised dots and specifically positioned ribs
  • Durex Avanti Polyurethane, non-latex, more delicate and thinner the latex condoms.

Durex Play is the type of lubricants that Durex manufactures and which may be employed safely with Durex Condoms. This line of products includes:

  • Durex Play More, providing enduring lubrication;
  • Durex Play Longer, with the same desensitizing formula as the Durex Performax rubbers
  • Durex Play Hotter , with a warming lubricator, and Durex Play Shivering , creating a shivering sensation once it’s been applied.

Any of these Durex Condoms and lubricants will help you discover a wholly new arena of sensations and pleasures, while remaining safe and straightforward to use. Just as there are lots of excuses for not wearing a rubber during intercourse, there also are millions of reasons why you need to wear one. Perhaps some of the most electrifying reasons include the proven fact that prophylactics are the sole form of cover against the sexually spread sicknesses and the safest protection in pregnancy prevention.

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