Durex Performa Condom

When you decide to make love with your partner you need to make sure you are protected and take the right precautions, using a condom will prevent any mistakes from happening. Alot of men have a problem called Premature Ejaculation, where they cannot last for a long period of time, normally ejaculate within seconds or minutes, this is very difficult for the male and for the female as they cannot enjoy sex. There are several ways to satisfy your partner and the best way to do so is to use Condoms that will delay your ejaculation time.

There are many condom brands that have made condoms for premature ejaculation but the best brand is Durex with their Condom Durex Performa. There are other companies that have announced condoms like Trojan, Kimono and Okamoto which are Japanese brands. When comparing them to Durex Performa, Durex Performa is considered to be the best Condom for premature ejaculation. Durex Performa contains a lubricant at the tip of the condom called Benzocaine which helps you last longer and delay ejaculation.