Durex Play Sensations Condoms – 12-Pack

priced at only: 7.95 Durex Play Sensations – 12-Pack: Play Sensations – Try something NEW today! An assortment of some of Durex’s most exciting condoms: 3- Durex Warming Pleasure with Play Warmer Gentle Warming Lube 3- Tingling Pleasure Condoms with Tingling Spearmint Lube 3- Natural Feeling Condoms wi read more ….

Durex Natural Feeling (Lubricated) Condoms – 12-Pack

priced at only: 5.95 Natural Feeling (Lube) – 12-Pack: Natural Feeling–protection you can trust Classic shaped condom with an ultra smooth water-based lubricant Protection with a natural feel Also known as Durex Pure Protection Transparent color with reservoir tip 100% electronically tested read more ….

Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms – 12-Pack

priced at only: 5.95 Extra Sensitive – 12-Pack: Exceptional sensitivity and lubricated with a Silky smooth lubricant. The extra sensitive line is Durex’s Thinnest Latex Condom. Approximately 20% thinner than standard condoms while providing the protection you need. Low latex scent. Lubricated read more ….

Durex Enhanced Pleasure Lubricated Condoms – 12-Pack

priced at only: 5.95 Enhanced Pleasure – 12-Pack: Enhanced Pleasure has contoured shape for a better fit. The shape is anatomic – shaped for the way you are! The result is a better fit and feel for greater sensitivity and pleasure. Coral color with reservoir tip Silky smooth lubricant 100% electr read more ….

Play Vibrations Connect

priced at only: 11.95 “Play Vibrations Connect – 1-Pack: Durex Play Vibration Connect provides up to 20 minutes of shared pleasure for you both to enjoy. With a soft flexible waterproof design for lasting comfort and precision contact read more ….

Durex High Sensation Ribbed Condoms – 12-Pack

priced at only: 5.95 High Sensation – 12-Pack: High Sensation-enhanced ribs for extra stimulation Ribs positioned near the base of the condom providing increased sensation Silky smooth lubricant Coral color with reservoir tip 100% electronically tested read more ….

Durex Play Utopia Lubricant

priced at only: 15.95 “Durex Play Utopia – 1-Pack: Durex Play Utopia has been created and tested by women for women using a unique combination of ingredients designed to stimulate read more ….

Play Assorted Temptations Lubricant

priced at only: 6.95 “Play Assorted Temptations – 1-Pack: Find a NEW favorite today! Provides long-lasting lubrication Non-greasy and odorless Silky smooth Water-soluble and be used with latex condoms Play Warmer: Warms on contact Play Tingling: Mint scented  read more ….

Durex Play Quiver Lubricant

priced at only: 5.95 “Durex Play Quiver – 1-Pack: Durex Play quiver is pure skin-tingling silky smooth pleasure read more ….